The Ranches

Peeler Ranch has regenerative agriculture real estate interest in four states… Colorado, Texas, Arkansas and Kansas, entailing nine counties and covering around 108,000 acres of deeded land of which Julie and Justin Peeler have sole ownership of approximately 93,600 acres with additional leased acreage. As part of successful and profitable family partnerships with Julie’s family, the Peelers share interests in farming, extensive timber, oil & gas, grazing, wind, solar, water rights and world-class wildlife recreation enterprises. Most Peeler Ranch acreage is used for livestock grazing. Under average weather conditions, Peeler Ranches yearly have around 1,525,700 AUD’s (animal unit days) of forage for grazing. This enables Peeler Ranches to have forage to year-round graze approximately 4,180 cows/animal units.


Bow & Arrow Ranch

Far and beyond, the largest Peeler Ranch, it is now a holistically managed, contiguous combination (four different ranches) of beautiful, diverse range covering approximately 65,000 acres with pioneering, high density, very progressive, intensive grazing management.  Elevations range from 6200’ on high mesas to 4900’ in the bottom of the Apishapa River Canyon. Wildlife include Rocky Mountain big horn sheep, elk, mule deer, pronghorn, mountain lion, Merriam turkey, bobcat, fox, burrowing owls, prairie dogs, eagles, scaled quail among other wildlife.

The Apishapa River transects this ranch.  Many springs originate on this ranch.

The Bow & Arrow Ranch was the famous cattle trail driver Charles Goodnight’s first Colorado ranch, as depicted as the cattle drive stopping point (although Montana was the presumed location) in the movie Lonesome Dove. The Goodnight cattle pens, Goodnight cemetery and Goodnight log-barn are among the remnants from this famous cattle driver on this Peeler Ranch. It is headquarters for Peeler Land & Livestock, LLC operations and the home for the Manager of Colorado Ranches/COO of Peeler Land & Livestock, LLC.


Seven Bar Ranch

Located in some of southeastern Kansas’ most productive soils... Cattle, farming, oil & gas, timber and world class whitetail hunting... Owned with Julie’s family partnerships.


Ozark Mountain Ranch

Located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in north western Arkansas... Timber, fly fishing rivers, cattle, and hunting... Owned with Julie’s family partnerships.


Live Oak Ranch

The largest Peeler Ranch in Texas with just under 16,000 acres under fence, this West Texas ranch is Julie and Justin's latest acquisition which they plan to regenerate into growing more healthy life. From clear, flowing water, to a unique, diverse mix of flora and fauna, to high-elevation views for which West Texas is proud and famous, keep checking to watch the regenerative transformation from the Peeler's rebuilding of ranching.

Osceola Ranch

Located in East Texas with oil & gas, timber and light cattle grazing. Wildlife include whitetail deer, alligators, Rio Grande turkey, wild hogs and world class duck hunting. Owned with Julie’s family partnerships.

4 Notch Ranch

Located in East Texas with oil & gas, timber and strong grazing Whitetail deer, alligators, Rio Grande turkey, wild hogs, and great duck hunting. Incredible bass fishing. Owned with Julie’s family partnerships.

Timber Ranches

Located in East Texas with extensive timber assets, moderate grazing, oil & gas interests, whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, wild hogs and duck hunting. Owned with Julie’s family partnerships.

A.M.Peeler Ranch

Justin is the sole remaining heir to continuously own, maintain and ranch the A.M. Peeler Ranch located in Atascosa County, South Texas. Since around 1913, this family ranch has been sold off and degenerated into a medium sized ranch around 14,300 acres. Justin is the youngest child of his generation. Justin only owns and operates part of the A.M.Peeler Ranch.

Justin’s part of this ranch contains the oldest ranch house dating back to 1876. In addition to the 1882 official county recording of Justin's "7PL" cattle brand, the date "1876" is inscribed on a concrete, rainwater cistern at the original ranch house which is now Justin’s hunting lodge, Macho Creek Lodge, since 1994.

Although this ranch was not Graves Peeler’s (Justin’s great, great uncle) ranch, Justin owns and runs The Foundation Herd of Peeler Texas Longhorns (Great Uncle Graves’ herd).

Wildlife include alligator, bobwhite quail, whitetail deer (three bucks entered in the Boone & Crockett record book), Rio Grande turkey, javelina, wild hogs.