Natural Resources



"Peeler Pastures"... Sun, Soil, Water, Minerals, Forage, Timber, Wind, Oil & Gas, Wildlife, Livestock... and People

The only tool needed between the sun's energy, photosynthetic vegetation and our plate... is livestock.

Attitude. Choose to be averse to industrial agriculture. Help regenerate our climate entailing all our ecosystems.

Help build BIOLOGICAL CAPITAL in our world while rebuilding communities where our food is regeneratively grown.


On earth, everything revolves and/or is derived from the sun’s energy. Our job is to sync with nature in order to optimally and sustainably utilize the sun’s energy in nature’s image. This idea has taught us to take a holistic approach to resource management.


The water cycle is very much a natural cycle. As rain falls, plants protect healthy soil from direct impact of raindrops. Healthy soil can absorb 7-8 or more inches of rain per hour. Floods are prevented and realized to be man-made occurrences. Streams no longer vastly vary from trickle to flood stage. Because water absorbs so well in healthy, natural soil and is filtered by this soil, clean, clear, pure springs re-appear and run at more constant rates.


Soil is a living part of earth. We are rebuilding the soil with all of its living parts… our most precious UNDERGROUND LIVESTOCK, i.g., fungus, bacteria, earthworms, roots, insects, and all the other known and unknown creatures. Plant leaves capture the sun’s energy through photosynthesis and put carbon into the soil via roots. Roots grow, die, and regrow. The carbon capture as CO2 is taken into the plant is taken into the soil as carbohydrates. The carbohydrates stay in healthy soil. This is natural and healthy.  Improving soil organic matter is a vital goal.


Minerals on earth are inorganic. Different plants with varying root depths pull earth’s various minerals from different depths. The minerals are brought to the soil surface and into plants via the plants’ roots. Creatures eat the plants containing the roots. The mineral cycle was natural. We strive to regenerate this cycle.


Leaves are earth’s perfect solar panels. They perfectly capture the sun’s energy enabling all other forms of life on earth. Leaves are perfectly designed in Nature’s image. Through holistic vision and management, we work to optimize the amount of these perfect solar panels on our ranches. Forage is then GRAZED, naturally, by livestock.


Although little is discussed about the ramifications of removing wind’s energy from the environment and changing wind’s energy to electrical energy, we believe wind is a renewable energy. Wind is clean, yet the man made turbines are questionable in regards to land’s image.


Wildlife are among the many creatures on earth. Watching and/or hunting wildlife is recreation. Recreation is re-creating an enjoyable experience. As we holistically manage our ranches, we are constantly aware of how all creatures naturally function on our ranches. We see wildlife recreation as a very renewable, natural enterprise.


Trees are a type of solar panel perfectly designed by nature to fit a specific environment. As a renewable resource, we do our best to sync with nature to grow trees in nature’s image to be used by humans.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas were plant matter around 10,000,000 years past. Oil and gas are naturally occurring, yet not readily renewable. Although we use oil and gas and their many products in our personal lives and have profited from their extraction from earth, we know we must help lead ways towards readily renewable energy and lifestyles requiring far less petroleum based energy.


Earth naturally developed animals as one part to the complete and necessary cycling of energy and nutrients in nature. As part of human health, we diligently work to holistically graze and raise livestock “in” nature’s image, not against it.