Why Peeler Cattle...?

Peeler Ranch philosophy and program

Peeler Cattle work with us. We do not work for our cattle.

Peeler Ranch works to be in sync with Nature. We do not submit to Welfare Ranching.

Peeler Cattle will help keep your money and value in your pocket and on your land. Peeler Cattle have been raised with absolute minimal, purchased inputs. Chemical wormers, hay/feed for pasture, magic dust, etc. are not purchased for Peeler Cattle. This money stays in our pocket. Wormy, high-maintenance, low fertility cattle are removed from the Peeler Ranch herd. No welfare-subsidy programs exists in Nature; nor does Welfare Ranching exist with Peeler Ranch cattle.

Peeler Cattle are extremely well adapted to the environment which they are raised. Darwin would be proud.

Peeler Ranch seed-stock cows and bulls are extremely fertile having first bred at 15-17 months of age and every year thereafter in stringent grazing systems with no man-made, money wasting "heifer development" nor "bull development" high-input costs nor "systems". Instead, seed-stock heifers and bulls naturally remain on the grass range with no substitute, grain diets. At our flagship ranch and operation with 2019-born heifers never being weaned, separated from nor treated ANY DIFFERENTLY than their mothers (heifers were simply left in the herd), we had a 90% HEIFER (10-16 months old when bred) conception rate as sonogram checked by a DVM in late 2020.  Natural selection criteria producing resilient cattle. Simple, perform or leave.

Also simple, ask your seed stock provider, "Do you feed your cattle ANYTHING besides mineral and small amounts of supplement during times of low quality forage? Do you expend labor and extra costs on 'developing' heifers and/or bulls?" If you receive any answer (ANY!!!) besides, "No", then you should realize the cattle you are about to receive in exchange for your money are most likely propped up with a "development program" and/or feed sacks and/or many other "programs" that entail Welfare Ranching, giving away cattle owners' money for inadequate animals.

Peeler Ranch seed-stock cows and bulls are born in the first part of our calving season. This trend has made the Peeler Ranch herd more mature and bigger at weaning and more fertile. An older, bigger calf crop puts easy, no-brainer money in our pockets.

Peeler Cattle have been raised in High Density Grazing Systems, the toughest, legitimate, known grazing systems for cattle to perform. Our cattle will flourish in conventional, selective, set stock grazing; however, set stock raised cattle most always will crash and starve when moved to a high-density grazing system like Peeler Ranch employs.

Peeler Cattle convert forage/feed more efficiently than conventionally bred and raised "modern", corn motel type cattle, aka GAS-FED-BEEF, totally dependent on fossil fuel production systems.

Peeler Cattle are docile, no exceptions. Working our cattle CORRECTLY makes our cattle more comfortable with every working, hence, easier to work. "Low stress cattle handling" is saying "We stress our cattle... some." We think that is unacceptable and not humane. We believe in NO STRESS animal handling. Look below and at our photo gallery of the pictures of cattle lying down in our working pens while cowboys tend the gates during herd sorting. Have you ever seen or experienced cattle lying down in working pens during sorting?

Peeler Cattle produce excellent bull prospects. Why would you NOT breed your cows to the absolute best performing and adapted bull for your environment? No money, time, nor labor is spent on artificial, mad-made "bull development". Bulls stay on range pasture and breed at 15-17 months old, as did their parents, grandparents, et al. Why would you knowingly use a bull that has not performed to these standards? NO HIGH MAINTENANCE, WELFARE RANCHING BULLS!  Spend your money on pizza and beer, not buying feed and other inputs for your bulls!

Peeler Cattle are culled by Nature. We only and very seldom select against obvious problems. Nature decides which heifers and bulls Peeler Ranch uses. Perform to Peeler Ranch standards or get off our ranch. We have let Nature to decide the few cattle that can perform. Now, the Peeler Ranch herd is most entirely made from the few cattle that perform without spending all our/your money on artificial, high-cost inputs.

Peeler Ranch seed-stock cattle are most all DNA tested for parentage. Hence, we KNOW which animals successfully breed and to what extent. We use DNA to verify what HAS happened. What has happened is fact, and we believe this exceeds what people "expect" to happen..., as in "Expected" Progeny Difference/EPD's.

The Peeler Ranch cattle program is always changing, albeit with extreme thought put into the few changes we occasionally make. Nature is always changing. Why would we not work with Nature?

Whole Life Grass Grazed Beef... you are what you eat, ate

Whole Life Grass Grazed, raised, fed and finished animals. Grass is regeneratively grazed from the plant in the soil by the animal.

NEVER EVER... been given chemical dewormers nor hormones nor antibiotics... lived off grain feed... participated in a Fossil Fuel Beef system/GAS-FED-BEEF where fossil fuel machines unnaturally harvest the feed... lived in a glyphosate dependent CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation/THE Corn Motel) where the animal and all its pen-mates evacuate their bowels and bladders in a pen then must lie to sleep and live in their waste... had infamous "low-stress" nor high-stress handling (We use NO stress)  Our livestock are raised by and with Nature, very similarly to the wild life on our lands.

Whole Life Grass Grazed Beef

Angus/Wagyu cross             $4.50/HCW      Available in two unique grass-grazed flavors, your choice: 1) South Texas Mesquite Flavor or 2) Colorado Shortgrass Prairie Flavor

Peeler Longhorn                  $4.50/HCW      Now, only available in South Texas Mesquite Flavor

Price is for Hot Hanging Carcass Weight (HCW) and excludes processing and delivery. Once purchased, we can arrange delivery to a processor then your location.

An example of an Angus/Wagyu cross beef is 1100 lb live, 60% or 660 lb HCW. A Peeler Longhorn example is 850 lb live and 60% or 510 lb HCW

You can arrange to purchase a quarter, half or whole beef.

To insure the most humane treatment we know, we can specially arrange to have your animal harvested in its pasture where it never undergoes the fear and high-stress of transportation which have been tested and shown to decrease the tenderness and quality of the meat.

Peeler Texas Longhorns... The Graves Peeler Foundation Herd


3-in-1's             $3500

Pairs                 $2800

Bred Cow          $2000

Bull                    $2500

Peeler Brangus

***All private treaty Brangus females are sold in groups of 5 or more.***


3-in-1's               $2800

Pairs                   $2300

Bred Cow           $1800

Bull                     $2500


Replacement Heifer    $1300

Bred Heifer                  $1600

Bred Cow                    $1600

Pairs                           $2000

3-in-1's                        $2400

Bull                              $2200