People, Business & Management

We are making the world a healthier, better place … sequestering carbon in our soil while filtering and holding water and capturing the sun's energy via plant leaves and producing real food using natural, regenerative agricultural practices through passionate people with an abnormal, unconventional, sustainable, replicable, ranching business model... the RANCHING REVOLUTION!

Earth's ecosystem needs people to change destructive food-producing/agriculture practices and beliefs.  Conventional agriculture since World War II has relied on tillage, monocultural crop farming, which includes industrial Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) AND the latest "fake meat... synthesized partly from plants."  BOTH rely on tillage, monoculture plant crop, industrial agriculture practices, FOSSIL FUEL RANCHING for FOSSIL FUEL BEEF and/or PROTEIN. Conventional tillage, monoculture crop farming practices have and continue to degrade Earth's ecosystems, especially harming soil, water and the air we breath.  The dirt-brown opacity in streams and rivers and the ocean's ecosystem changing deltas at Earth's rivers' ends... are composed of unnaturally displaced topsoil. Due to human decisions, the lost topsoil is unnaturally washed away, into the waterways of the world. Naturally occurring, healthy soil should hold together, build, grow, and stay in place holding enormous amounts of carbon and water, as in pre-industrial agricultural generations.

The newest fad of food-ish substances revolve around SYNTHESIZED FOOD.  Research for yourself. Among other health issues, you will find tillage, industrial, chemical-laden, ecosystem damaging agriculture practices behind the newest fad of plant-based SYNTHESIZED FOODs.

The Earth's grassland surface relied and continues to rely on ruminant animals to recycle fibrous plant matter which naturally aids healthy nutrient, mineral, energy and water cycling to sustain Earth's healthy, natural topsoil. Because human choices and actions have so drastically changed Earth's surface and diverse composition of animals and plants, now more than ever, Earth NEEDS correctly grazing ruminants to regenerate then sustain Earth's atmosphere and natural ecosystems and environment. This is a primary reason why we graze ruminants.... Healing the Earth.

We believe IF land is arable (able to be plowed) AND used to grow crops, most all of these crops should GO TO DIRECT HUMAN CONSUMPTION.  Imagine the ecological and climate regeneration in this agriculture scenario? Then, allow the non-arable land to be grazed by animals which were designed (ruminants) by Nature to synergistically consume fibrous plants hence keeping the sun's energy in Nature's cycle of energy, minerals, water and community. Grazing animals building soil, organic capital. We believe it. We are doing it. We continue to learn and change to do better.

We are even beginning integrated systems to do our part to Close The Food Loop, particularly the waste, in the American food cycle. We are working to help turn "the $30 billion of American food waste" from landfills and into a natural, healthy commodity. Soil-Sunlight-Food-Waste-Conversion back into Soil... Repeat... Nature's way. Circular Agriculture.

By 2030, Peeler Ranch plans to regenerate and restore over 200,000 acres of land with healthy carbon-capturing soil, water, energy, and mineral systems while healthily, holistically, and regeneratively grazing over 10,000 naturally raised, whole life grass grazed, fed and finished, American raised, job-providing, cattle and other livestock (No CAFO's/Corn Motels, No industrialization, No fossil fuel beef/protein, No hormones, No wormers, No antibiotics, No ingested/injected chemicals, No CRUTCHES or other ranching WELFARE) which provide natural land regeneration/restoration, carbon sequestration, biological capital, water filtration-purification, great American jobs and healthy food for all animals and life... Healing the Land and People.

We believe in capturing the sun's energy through natural, healthy grasslands and converting this energy into healthy ecosystems that heal and sustain people and all forms of healthy life.

Peeler Ranch is making a difference in the world.


People are arguably the hardest facet of the natural world to holistically manage (hence, the premise behind the term “man-made and/or “unnatural”).  Communication, collaboration, participation and common passion and goals among all people involved are not common yet are absolute for sustainability in family, agriculture businesses. Greed, selfishness, manipulation, dishonesty, etc. do not work.  Human health is directly related to ecological health. However, healthy people must be happy to be sustainable.

Business & Management

Peeler Ranch operates using a holistic management model. Within Peeler Ranch, no one part of anything, tiny to giant, functions independently of all other things. All decisions and resulting actions affect everything else. The three major areas that are managed entail ecologic, financial and social… the environment, money and people. Every decision made, tiny to giant, must be questioned and studied for conformation to the goals and vision of Peeler Ranch. To be truly sustainable, profits must be achieved in all three major management areas. The ecology must be profitable and progressing, finances must be profitable, and there must be social profitability entailing people’s health, happiness and cooperation.

Peeler Land & Livestock

This is the flagship Peeler Ranch company. It represents future existence if there is to remain any Peeler Ranch. Among other goals, it functions to be a model, replicable, regenerative, sustainable ranching company. Please go to (website coming soon) to learn more about this innovated, absolutely unconventional company.

Peeler Texas Longhorns

The biggest, baddest, roughest, toughest longhorns on Earth. These legends live on Justin’s part of the A.M.Peeler Ranch in south Texas. Born and bred in the brush with absolute minimal man-made inputs, the foundation herd of Peeler Texas Longhorns thrive. See website.